Hong Kong Macau General Aviation

"You need courage to fly whilst require knowledge to land"

PPL Training in Germnany

and The practical training has to ensure a minimum of 45 hours of so called block time (time between starting to taxi/roll until the aircraft reaches the parking position after flight) which approximately equals to 35 hours of flight time (the time between actual take off and actual landing). 
1. 35 hours two - seater aircraft Robin HR 20, 35 flying lessons correspond to               approximately 45 hours of block time. 
2. 45 hours of flight instruction by an instructor 
3. approx. 20 hours of pre-flight-preparation (briefing) 
4. approx. 150 landings
5. Theory Classes will be done in Hong Kong or China


** License Conversion to CAAC PPL after EASA License issued

** Students required to visit Germany at least 3 times to complete the course

** Each trip to Germany required to stay for not less than 10 days

** Lectures and Training will be conducted in English

Total fees:

CNY 150,000. up 


1. Return air tickets

2. Accommodation

3. Meals